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Who am I? Well, I like to think of myself as one who is aware. Aware of what you may ask? Aware of the delusion of reality. I am a non-traditionally educated intellectual. I tend to be of the comic type of pragmatist — maybe similar to George Carlin or Seth MacFarlane, even though the latter one is a little creepy.

I am a good balance of both creative and logical. It just depends on what my intentions are. Vocationally speaking, I am a photographer, entrepreneur, and designer. I also come from a long history of health and fitness as this was my first career choice. I am certified by three of the most recognized institutions. My main one is NASM, and the others are ISSA and Cooper Institute. I have since studied nutrition and training for sport specific athletes. As far as my interests, I just can't seem to learn too much in the area of quantum physics especially when it relates with our reality/perception. And, my hobbies are road cycling, mountian biking, triathlons and martial arts, specifically kendo and shorinji kempo (not to be confused with kenpo).

Geographically, I lie smack dab in the center of a conservative fanatical red state called Texas, but fortunately in the little Liberal, democratic section called Austin.

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